Journal History

AL-MUDARRIS: journal of education. ISSN: 2620-5831 (print); ISSN: 2620-4355 (online) is a journal published by STAI Mahad Aly Al-Hikam Malang, Indonesia. Al-Mudarris is a journal that contains various articles of research results and thoughts that examine about: learning strategies in MI / elementary school, conceptual ideas, MI / elementary theory and practice, MI / SD theory studies and applications, MI / SD learning development and design, professionalism MI / elementary school teachers, critical thinking about MI / elementary education, the results of education and teaching research MI / SD to be published and disseminated through script selection, review and editing mechanisms.

AL-MUDARRIS: the journal of education has been a DOAJ and CrossRef Member since 2018. Therefore, all published articles have a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI) number.