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: Radina Radina(1*), Husin Husin(2), Haris Zubaidillah(3),

(1) College of Koranic Science, Amuntai, South Kalimantan
(2) College of Koranic Science, Amuntai, South Kalimantan
(3) College of Koranic Science, Amuntai, South Kalimantan
(*) Corresponding Author


This research is motivated by the large number of elementary level Islamic education institutions in Indonesia, especially in the Hulu Sungai Utara district that provides a tahfizh program for students. This study aims to describe the form of difficulty of elementary school age children in memorizing the Koran. This research was conducted at Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Ummul Qura, which is one of the basic level Islamic education institutions which requires every student to be able to read the Koran, and also be able to memorize it. The research method used in this research is a qualitative method with the type of case study research. To obtain the information and data needed, researchers used observation, interview, and documentation techniques. The subjects in this study were several students of MI Ummul Qura and also some tahfizh teachers. The results obtained are: several forms of difficulty in memorizing the Koran experienced by MI Ummul Qura students, arise from students (internal) and difficulties that arise from outside (external). Forms of difficulty are (1) Students have difficulty remembering and sometimes forgetting the verses they have memorized. (2) Students find it difficult to concentrate when memorizing at school because of interference from their friends. (3) Sometimes you feel lazy to memorize and repeat the memorization. (4) Lack of enthusiasm for students to memorize. (5) Difficult to distinguish similar verses.


Difficulty, Elementary School Age Children, Memorizing the Koran

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