The following is a guide for the Author before submitting a scientific article to Leadership: Jurnal Mahasiswa Manajemen Pendidikan Islam, as follows:

1. Submission of a manuscript indicates that the paper has not been published in any other journal.

2. All papers will be acknowledged and refereed.

3. For reviewing purposes, the papers have to be prepared in the following manner :

a. The paper should be written in Indonesian or English.

b. The paper is in doc format.

c. Single spacing is required.

d. The number of the pages is 15 to 25 letter paper.

e. The margin is 3 cm of mirror margins to the left, right, top, and bottom of the paper.

f. The font size for text is 11 point Times New Roman, except for the title, which is 18 point  Times New Roman, and the abstract, which is 11 point italic Times New Roman.

g. The pages are single columns.

h. The names and the e-mail addresses of the authors, as well as the authors' affiliations and their addresses, should be written under the title.

i. The abstract should be written in Indonesian and English but not more than 200 words. The keywords follow the abstract.

j. The paper should contain the common sections used for a computer science paper, like (for more detailed information please consult the authoring guideline):

1) Introduction, which includes issues and problems to be solved, the study of related and relevant  previous publications 

2) Research method, which includes analysis, design, and implementation

3) Results and discussion, which includes experimental or simulation results and critical analysis of the experimental results.

4) Conclusions, which includes the main findings

5) Future Works, this section is optional.

6) Acknowledgments, this section is optional. If exist, should be addressed to parties supporting the research such as institutions funding the research

7) References should be written using IEEE [with url] format.

The composition of the references used should consist of 80% of primary references (journals, proceedings) and a maximum of 20% of secondary references (textbook) published in the last 5 years and each article should have at least ten references. All the served data or quotes in the article taken from the other author articles should attach the reference sources, the reference is written by IEEE (with URL) format system. Each reference cited is written using the number placed at the early or end of a sentence. Consistent use of IEEE (with URL) system is required in the writing of reference. References are arranged in order of appearance in the text. It is advisable to use a software application to manage references and bibliography, both free applications(eg: Mendeley, Zotero, RefWorks) or paid applications (eg: Endnote, Reference Manager).

  1. The editors have the right to edit the paper without altering the main idea of the paper.
  2. There is no page charge.
  3. The manuscript should be submitted online.
  4. Authors could visit the website of this journal in the URL address:
  5. The format template file can be able from
  6. The publication fee will be charged to the first authors.