Focus and Scope

Focus & scopes


The focus of the study in Journal EVALUASI is as follows:

1. Islamic education management science

2. Issues of education management in schools, madrasahs, or pesantren

3. Improving the quality of education in schools, madrasahs, or pesantren


  1. Assessment of Environmental Education Programs: This journal will evaluate various environmental education programs implemented within university settings. It will explore the curriculum, teaching methodologies, and extracurricular activities employed to enhance students' understanding of environmental issues and promote sustainable behavior.

  2. Analysis of Attitude and Knowledge Formation: The journal will investigate the influence of environmental education on students' attitudes and knowledge regarding sustainability. It will examine the impact of educational interventions on shaping positive attitudes towards environmental protection and developing a deep understanding of ecological concepts and principles.

  3. Examination of Behavior Change: The journal will delve into the behavioral changes exhibited by university students as a result of their participation in environmental education programs. It will assess the adoption of sustainable practices in various domains, such as waste management, energy conservation, transportation, and consumption patterns.

  4. Factors Influencing Sustainable Behavior: This journal will explore the factors that contribute to or hinder the adoption of sustainable behavior among university students. It will investigate the role of personal values, social norms, institutional support, and other relevant factors in motivating or inhibiting students' engagement in environmentally friendly practices.

  5. Recommendations for Effective Environmental Education: Based on the findings, the journal will provide recommendations for designing and implementing effective environmental education programs. It will suggest strategies to enhance the effectiveness of educational interventions and propose approaches to overcome barriers to sustainable behavior change among university students.

Overall, this journal aims to contribute to the growing body of research on environmental education and its impact on fostering sustainable behavior among university students. By examining the effectiveness of educational interventions and identifying key factors influencing behavior change, the study seeks to inform future educational initiatives and contribute to the advancement of sustainability education.