journal TA'LIMUNA

Journal title: TA'LIMUNA : Jurnal Pendidikan Islam
Initials: TA'LIMUNA
Frequency: 2 issues per year (Maret & September)
DOI: prefix 10.32478 by
Print ISSN: 2622-9889
Online ISSN: 2085-2975
Editor-in-chief: Misbahul Munir
Publisher: STAI Ma'had Aly Al-Hikam Malang
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TA`LIMUNA Journal of Islamic Education ISSN 2622-9889 (Print) and ISSN 2085-2975 (Online) is a journal published twice a year by STAI Ma’had Aly Al Hikam Malang. This journal emphasizes aspects related to Islamic Education, with special reference to applied research in Islamic education that can be focused on the components of learning including curriculum, methods, models, psychology, thought and several issues of Islamic education and its problems.

The Journal Ta'limuna is published twice a year in March and September. Articles from the author are submitted at least 1 month before the date of publication (1st), and will be reviewed by approximately 1 week, the results of the articles reviewed are received a maximum of one week before publication and articles will be published at the beginning of March and September.

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Vol 7, No 1 (2018): edisi MARET

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Moh. Nailul Muna - (UIN Sunan Kalijaga)
: 10.32478/ta.v7i1.144 | Abstract viewsc: 80 | PDF views: 44
Rusdiyanto Rusdiyanto - (Dosen UnIversitas Muhammadiyah Jember)
: 10.32478/ta.v7i1.145 | Abstract viewsc: 75 | PDF views: 53
Afif Syaiful Mahmudin - (Dosen FITK IAIN Ponorogo)
: 10.32478/ta.v7i1.146 | Abstract viewsc: 74 | PDF views: 56
Misbahul Munir - ()
: 10.32478/ta.v7i1.147 | Abstract viewsc: 385 | PDF views: 572
Sumarji Sumarji - ()
Rahmatullah Rahmatullah - ()
: 10.32478/ta.v7i1.148 | Abstract viewsc: 192 | PDF views: 107